CEO’s Message for the 10th Anniversary of RASIS Corporation

CEO’s Message for the 10th Anniversary of RASIS Corporation

CEO’s Message for the 10th Anniversary of RASIS Corporation

Happy 10th Anniversary of RASIS Corporation. Thanks GOD for the last decade of entrepreneurship in RASIS Corporation. Also, we appreciate our customers, clients and colleague for their trust and faithfulness to our brand. In the last year, we facilitated the company with growth engines for the next decade!

In Telecom Industry, we have focused more on developing more new products based on the mobile operators’ requirements. These products are focused on the current projects in the area of Modernization, and indoor solutions. In addition, RASIS Corporation became reseller of CUE DEE Company in Iran. CUE DEE is a pioneer Swedish company, which supplies high quality aluminum products which is not available in domestic market. CUE DEE is also global partner of Nokia and Ericsson and has many customized products for the vendors. Please visit our booth in Iran Telecom 2016 exhibition to see CUE DEE’s the high quality new products.


In bakeware Industry, RASIS became domestic market dominant during the last decade and now increasing its export portfolio to other countries. Also we welcome our new Italian partner. We will supply their high quality products in Iran as its local partner. You are invited to visit our booth in International Bread and Confectionary Exhibition 2016.

RASIS Corporation has entered in the mobile accessory industry by making exclusive partnership with TESAN, a well-known Turkish company. The products are distributed as ttec brand and you will see it soon on the shelfs!

RASIS Corporation has a newborn brand, named Iranfence. As we have manufactured more than 50.000 line meters fence in the last decades for Telecom Industry, we have collect the experience and diversified it to other industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical and construction projects. Fortunately, we are finalizing some projects in neighbor countries soon.   


Finally, again I appreciate the kindness of all stakeholders supporting us to meet our targets. “WE HAVE NO WAY EXCEPT SUCCESS”.  

Kind Regards;

President and CEO

Dr. Mostafa Morshedi

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